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Are you getting Enough?

Sleep of course! An overlooked tool for health, happiness and reaching your goals, sleep is absolutely essential to life. But when we skimp on this precious commodity, how much damage are we actually doing to ourselves? We are all responsible for our own health and the choices we make in life, to a degree. Although

”But I have to enjoy life”

When discussing nutrition I have heard this phrase being uttered over and over again. There’s so much nutritional information out there in the big wide web that nowadays people have a pretty good idea of the basics. Keeping processed food to a minimum, eating an array of fresh fruit and veg, consuming healthy fats, limiting

New Year – New You?

With Christmas well and truly tucked back in it’s box and shoved back in the attic, the New Year has begun. But what does this New Year hold for you, and how is it starting? I think we can all resonate with the thought that we are now dealing with the ‘fallout’ from Christmas, too

Nutritional Elitism – It’s just not Cricket

When working with clients I am fully aware that everyone has a different scope or reach with their nutrition. It is important to meet that individual where they are, and make small changes which may benefit their health without them feeling pressure to obtain a nutritional status beyond their means. I often use the example

Fat in the Spotlight

Following on from my post last week regarding being a sugar burner or a fat burner, I thought it appropriate to give some information regarding the best dietary choices of fat, and how they can impact on health. So here you go. Fats play a vital role in the function of our body. Vitamins A,

The Power of Words

I read something recently which really made me stop and think and I wanted to share. Something I work on quite often is gratitude. Being thankful for what we have can often make us shift our priorities, feel more contentment and generally aid our sense of wellbeing. Sometimes the pressure of gratitude can actually also

Is Sugar really the Devil?

With Halloween just a week ago, I’ve seen a number of articles popping up regarding the dangers of sugar. The general consensus is that sugar is bad for us, it’s an 'addictive substance’ which is ‘as bad as cocaine’, it’s responsible for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, behaviour problems etc etc but are we being a

A life in Balance.

The subject I want to write about today is moderation, balance and habits, all important factors in achieving good nutrition. When people talk about moderation in terms of nutrition, they often use it as a word to describe indulging in what they would consider to be less than healthful choices. People use moderation when talking about

Creatine: New information on an old supplement

Some of you may be aware of the substance of Creatine Monohydrate, some may have supplemented with it in the past or even currently, and others may be familiar with the name at least. Creatine is a compound which is often used by athletes to gain a competitive edge. There are an increasing number of

6 Reasons to JERF it for Weight Loss

So this is following on from a post from some time ago regarding the implications of food reward on losing weight. I wanted to round it out with a little more information, whilst at the same time repeating some of the things I have mentioned in this said post, as repetition is key in learning