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The 7 P’s, and how they can help you

I think anyone with a military connection of some sort will have heard of the 7 P’s. But for those that don’t know what the 7 P’s stand for, let me enlighten you. The 7 P’s stand for, Prior Planning and Preparation, Prevents, P**s Poor Performance, (Ok, there are different versions of this, but this

”But I have to enjoy life”

When discussing nutrition I have heard this phrase being uttered over and over again. There’s so much nutritional information out there in the big wide web that nowadays people have a pretty good idea of the basics. Keeping processed food to a minimum, eating an array of fresh fruit and veg, consuming healthy fats, limiting

Nutritional Elitism – It’s just not Cricket

When working with clients I am fully aware that everyone has a different scope or reach with their nutrition. It is important to meet that individual where they are, and make small changes which may benefit their health without them feeling pressure to obtain a nutritional status beyond their means. I often use the example

Are you a Sugar Burner or Fat Burner?

Often one of the most common complaints I hear is that people don’t have enough energy. Not having enough energy can lead to certain dietary ‘fixes’ for stimulation such as energy drinks, bars, supplements and of course coffee. All of these are generally short-lived stimulation, but they can become a habit over time. How many

The Power of Words

I read something recently which really made me stop and think and I wanted to share. Something I work on quite often is gratitude. Being thankful for what we have can often make us shift our priorities, feel more contentment and generally aid our sense of wellbeing. Sometimes the pressure of gratitude can actually also

The Brain in Your Gut

There is more and more emerging research to suggest that our health and even our personality is related to what is happening in our guts. The gut microbiome is the new buz word in the world of nutrition and health, and with good reason. We can carry up to 2 kg of microbes in our

Is Unhelpful Thinking affecting your Health?

Unhelpful thinking is simply part of human nature. We all suffer from unhelpful thoughts at different times, but how much can this effect our life, our health and our ability to motivate ourselves into better habits? Over the years we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits. Certain ways of thinking has been shown to

Is Sugar really the Devil?

With Halloween just a week ago, I’ve seen a number of articles popping up regarding the dangers of sugar. The general consensus is that sugar is bad for us, it’s an 'addictive substance’ which is ‘as bad as cocaine’, it’s responsible for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, behaviour problems etc etc but are we being a

Does Bacon really cause cancer?

Most of you have probably seen the headlines over the last few days regarding the link between the consumption of red meat and development of cancer. The main tag line the media is jumping on is that Bacon has been revealed to be as bad as smoking, but is it? I can’t help one of my

Community Matters

In these past few weeks and months theres been something on my mind a great deal, and thats the importance of community. You may ask what that has to do with health and nutrition? My answer would be EVERYTHING! Simply put, the role that community plays in both health and wellbeing, together with providing opportunities