Who Am I?

My name is Jess Doak and I am a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, NTC. Currently I am the only NTC in the UK, which makes me unique. I come to this role from a varied health and fitness background with a diploma in Sport Science, a BSC in Sport Performance and Coaching, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Therapy.  My roles, qualifications and personnel experience with my own health challenges have given me  wealth of experience to be able to understand the challenges of ‘getting healthy’.

  • Nutritional Therapy Association qualified
  • First hand experience of health challenges
  • Previous role as a Psychological Therapy Consultant
  • Wealth of experience understanding the challenges involved tying to ‘get healthy’

I’ve been through health concerns myself

Nothing gives you the ability to understand how to cope with something or face a challenge like going through it yourself. I have in the past struggled with the consequences of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, which you will see on certain posts on the blog.

Having faced these challenges and been able to successfully overcome them has given me the ability to understand how difficult it can be to work on your own health, and the set of challenges that brings for you personally.

I started on my own health quest some time ago and this is what led me to become an NTC.  Due to my own experiences, thorough learning and continued professional development, I am fully equipped to advise people not only on the nutritional aspect of their lives, but also other lifestyle factors that may be affecting health goals. I am here to give you the support and knowledge you need to succeed in your own quest for health, which is a very personal thing to everyone.

I truly believe we can all live our lives with energy and vitality, and succeed in our goals given the right tools to do so!